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Matura 2017

Application in Second Round is only performed for those study programs
which after the end of the first round records have quotas
The right to apply with this form in the second round has
the following graduates / candidates:

1. All graduates / candidates who have completed
form A1 or A1Z in the second session, which had no obligations
for state matura exams or result passers - by
state matura exams at the second, autumn session.

2. All graduates / candidates who have completed
form A1 or A1Z and result passer in exams
state matura at the first session of June which:
a. Have not managed to apply in the first round for reasons of
b. They applied in the first round but were not announced
winner in none of the chosen preferences
c. They applied in the first round and were declared winners at
one of the preferences selected but not
recorded in any of the study programs where they are
announced winner
d. They are unregistered after the end of the first round
We point out that graduates / candidates of the above categories, i
quoted in points b, c and d, who applied in the first round, should
to reapply again in the second round as this is
a new application form.
WARNING: Fellowships / First Round candidates who
results recorded after the end of the first round of
registration, have no right to apply to the Second Round of
Applications. So their application in the second round is not
We point out that graduates / candidates, who did not apply at
the first round with the Application Form at HEI and is therefore
the first time they select their favorite study programs,
should start following the following procedures:
 Download from the AKP official website at www.akp.gov.al
Invoice for filling in the form for HEI and
then print it.
 Present to the offices of any of the level-level subsidiaries
second to pay the fee of ALL 2000 per
application form at HEI, State Matura 2017.
 Submit the payment fee fee to the Directorate of
school where he has completed the application form A1 / A1Z, to the school
to cast the online Matura online portal according to the DCM.
Caution: Students / candidates who applied for the first round
do not have to pay another fee.

The same as Germany, the USA or Canada and France offers Albanian students opportunities for studying at highly dignified and cost-effective universities by providing financial support, detailed information and guidance on each step to be followed. French universities for many years are in collaboration with public universities in Albania and a significant number of students are now conducting studies in Paris and other French cities.

Below is the list of information and explanations you need to make clear before you decide to continue your studies in France. Click on the link to the information you are interested in, from the information seminar that took place on 04.11.2016 at UPT we can get information about you on the following issues:

0) Why, How and When to Apply at French Universities.
1) The terms and conditions you have to fill in to receive and / or earn a scholarship.
2) Documentation needed to apply at the university and visa to the embassy.
3) Study programs offered by French universities, the operating system and fees.
4) List of universities that have relationships and links with Albanian universities.

For more information and details, visit www.campusfrance.org or contact us through the contact form you find "here" link.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


School for Public Policy and Public Management in South Korea, (KDI Public Policy School
and Management), for the academic year 2017-2018, offers scholarships for foreign nationals, who
wish to complete postgraduate studies in Master study programs in the fields of
- Master in Public Policy (Master of Public Policy, MPP);
- Master in Development Policy (Master of Development Policies, MDP);
- Master of Public Management (Master of Public Management, MPM);
The mission of this school is to train and prepare future leaders in the sector's public
and private, who fully fit the economic changes. KDI School for "Policies
and Public Management "enables an excellent combination of acquired knowledge
contemporary academic and tire application in practice within the innovation and key priorities
set by national policies.
Korean Government Resource Program (Korean Government Gearing Program - NIIED GKSKGSP)
for international students is sponsored by the National Institute for Education
International (NIIED) and aims to promote international exchange and partnership
reciprocal between the participating countries.
Postgraduate candidates who wish to attend these studies must have the qualification of
necessary for admission to KDI school. They must have completed studies at
bachelor or master programs at universities or high schools in the Republic of Macedonia
Albania or abroad. Candidates should also undergo international testing:
TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC, developing courses are held in English.
Travel expenses, tuition fees and monthly scholarships will be covered by the Institute
National Institute for International Education (NIIED), within the framework of the Government Scholarship Program
Korean (Korean Governance Program-NIIED GKS-KGSP).

Egocentrism and accreditation of the University of Tirana

Once, Át Gjergj Fishta wrote that in education, all: people, government and parliament were of one mind and one voice.
But since then, we have been through difficult times as a nation, creating a sense of personal and professional, individual and institutional responsiveness. It seems that we are still in the same reed spur, as mascots do not know who. We break the record, our own, the complaints and the self-destruction in the misery of the many, and above all, of the intellectual courage that can not be handed to the reason of a time, such as that described by Anton Anton Harapi "in the cillen "Honest", ask me to get stuck, and then 'own' for another better time ... "
It seems that this time, in Albania, has gone bankrupt, unfortunately. So, apart from all the surprises that do not surprise us, even the University of Tirana finds itself a victim of itself and the wrong policies against it.
For some time, we have been spotted by the lack of partial, short-term accreditation, and we do not know how many epithets have been attached to this accreditation.
Why is this whole mystery ?! Professors and students receive information from social profiles newspapers. For the first time, no formal letter was sent to us, no copy of the institutional report. While the UT professor has been the most powerful and clearer voice, the most stable and persistent, even for every instruction, project decision, up to draft laws or higher education reform. And the voice of the University of Tirana has witnessed at all times its power as the institution that represents and inspires free and civilized thought.
But what has happened in the meantime? The "Code of Silence" has also involved this time with the University of Tirana. Uncertainty accompanies us even though young people and their families testify to us every day more and more, choosing the first University of Tirana.
The university from which the majority of politicians, lawmakers, scientists, researchers, teachers, doctors and nurses in Albania graduated; today there is a degree that according to the "report" does not apply to the labor market. Maybe all of us should take diplomats ?! Then maybe even a part of the members of the Accreditation Board (some, even members of the reform commission) should do the same.
In a country like ours, the ratio of students to the population is about 58 students per 1000 inhabitants, if we consider. Everyone from the actors has their own contribution that higher education becomes more competitive and more valuable to provide the best for Albanian youth. But the result of this accreditation should disturb each of those who today finds it engaged in higher education institutions regardless of profile. Although state policies have made investment in years for students in higher education to be tens of times lower compared to the average of OECD countries and the EU, many of us, UT graduates, this diploma has enabled us to hold a doctorate in the most prestigious universities in Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, America etc.
But how can the University of Tirana's diploma depreciate when the state exams for regulated professions always have the highest scores of success ?!
It is enough to be interested in Albania's regions, to confirm the intuitive impression that the higher percentage of employed teachers come from the University of Tirana, over 70% of those who hold a university degree. The same is confirmed by public administration data, over 90% of judges are graduates in UT. This is also confirmed by the data of institutions and private enterprises.
It is true that UT may not have regular registers with data of the above nature, but which university can prove more, as long as their academic staffs, especially the professorship with scientific titles, have graduated, obtained doctoral or obtained titles , for the most part, just in the UT.
And there is not much to identify and to reflect this data. Did we get to do this, surpassing megalomania, what time did we get to be at the moment at UT ?! We should have done and even with much responsibility for the 60-year-old university and thousands of 18-year-olds who trust their future to our auditors.
Tirana University has many shortcomings related to misguided state politics, with the often feudal administration of its human and financial resources, with the lack of platforms and strategies that suffers all of Albania's communist and post-communist regurgitation without reform vision. However, our University can not be the last in rank after this so-called institutional accreditation, until it has supported staff, curricula, programs and much more every HEI set up in Albania. Will we ever escape from the psychosis of dictatorship for destroying the opponent? Otherwise, the day of self-destruction will come.
And, of course, the UT students and professors will not accept that the diploma is written: "Accredited for only one year!" The assembly of pedagogues, student councils, the UT Senate should meet urgently and speak with one voice only because the academic authorities have been voted and mandated to protect the interests of our university, the interests of our students. Every special name is incalculable!
Because we are the university that targets what the young people are aiming for, going far beyond themselves. This is what the history of this university has shown. Today is confirmed. As St. Augustine said: "Whenever people complain that they live bad times, it is enough to choose to live in honesty and the times become good!"

National Identification Report on Training Needs for School Teachers and Leaders

Following the testing of 17,613 teachers across the country, the Institute of Educational Development (IZHA) presented today the National Report on the Needs Assessment for Teachers and Leaders Training.
A carefully planned process that started with online testing in Tirana and continued throughout Albania, with strong monitoring rules and standard excretion, highlighted the needs of teachers for training.
Minister of Education and Sports, Lindita Nikolla, during her speech in the presentation of the report, stated that through this process, for the first time, is offered for each directorate and educational office, the national map of professional development needs detailed for each school , teachers and data databases, an instrument through which you can understand the detailed training needs of managers, teachers, gender, profile, seniority at work, location, etc.
"For the first time, we have a national report on the identification of the needs of teachers and managers in pre-university education. This is a document from which we develop all the responsibilities that lie ahead to 500,000 students and their parents, telling the real truths that bear the name of every teacher, school, DAR / ZA. But what is important, engaging timely, measurable indicators, improving situations that need emergency interventions, and then building a permanent, contemporary system for qualifying all teachers, "said Nikola .
The Minister said that from the reporting that MAS conducted to the European Commission representatives within the Subcommittee on "Innovation, Information Society and Social Policy", the conclusions of the EC experts and the recommendations were positive.
"Albania is encouraged to continue reform in pre-university education and pay particular attention to the training and qualification of teachers. They have provided full partnership and expertise to accompany us in further steps, to respond to this situation and the duties that arise from this report, "said Minister Nikolla.
Among other things, the Minister of Education listed the problems of the teacher training scheme. According to her, there are 51 training agencies licensed during 2012 and 2013, which provide 739 training modules for teachers.
"Often, these agencies did not have enough co-ordination and co-ordination with REDs / EOs and schools to provide training on the real needs that match the reforms in the pre-university system. In many cases, the media, certain teachers have denounced a serious process for the education system, that of selling credits. Also, there is a lack of professional literature and supporting publications for teachers, to learn about developments in their formation, on the best experiences of local and foreign colleagues, while there is also lack of online training, "said Nikola. adding that there has been minimal coordination with higher education institutions regarding the formation of teachers in faculties of education and their involvement in the qualification process.
In her speech, the Minister also mentioned the importance of creating a school of directors, emphasizing that there will be a diploma for all the executives who are in the system but also for those who want to be part of the school's direction.
The scientific debate on the new teacher development vocational scheme will continue next week at the first international teacher training conference where international experts from developed European countries as well as from regional countries rectors and university professors will be gathered to provide their expertise with the professional development scheme, according to European standards.
Director of the Education Development Institute, Gerti Janaqi, presented some of the main findings:
  • 25% of teachers possess very satisfactory knowledge. 64% of teachers possess satisfactory knowledge, but with the need for improvement. 12% of teachers have indispensable or significant needs for improvement.
  • The average score in the overall rating is 21.4 points out of 30 points that has the complete instrument.
  • The results of the village school teachers are almost equal and in some cases somewhat higher than the results of the school teachers in the city. This applies, both for the overall assessment, as well as for the areas: Planning; Teaching and learning; Ethics and communication; Professional development.
  • The lowest results were achieved in the field of vocational development, where the number of teachers rated at level 1 and level 2 (teachers have substantial or significant needs for improvement) reaches 35%.
  • Subordinators are the category of educational employees with higher scores compared to directors and teachers.
  • The highest REDs are: Berat, Shkodra, Korça, Fieri, Tirana County. Lower REDs are: Kukes, Dibra and Vlora. 

Important announcement on the first round of first round of applications to public and non-public HEIs

During the 48 hours of the last Phase of enrollment in the 1st round (Sunday, September 10 and Monday, September 11), graduates awaiting a study program, if released from a winning venue, will be signaled directly by the color green and not yellow because this is the final stage.
This signaling means that a maturantee can be immediately presented to the secretary to register until the end of the phase. High school students need to be careful at the "maturant's corner" on the UAlbania portal as the winner will be released even in the last days of the day.

Announcement of ZA Puke for the event at the United High School "Nikoll Lleshi" Gjegjan

Today, on 04.10.2017 at the United High School "Nikoll Lleshi" Gjegjan, around 10 am, after the announcement and proposal of the school's directorate, the Education Office has suspended the teaching process, as some students have presented health problems.
A day earlier, on 03.10.2017, around 14:00, after the completion of the teaching process, the school's internal facilities were disinfected by the specialists of the Puka Public Health Directorate, in cooperation with the relevant structures of the City Hall. Today, students and teachers came to the school by class at 0740, while the school's sanitary service was continuing to clean the premises. For this reason, the school director in cooperation with the teachers decided to postpone the lesson one hour, they thought that the school's environments should be aired, as there was a noticeable smell of disinfectants. During this time the school premises were aired, opening windows and doors, and cleaning the premises. Lesson began at 9 o'clock. 00 and around 10 o'clock the students began to present health concerns. With concern, the Director of the Educational Office immediately appeared at the Gjegjan Health Center and ordered the suspension of the teaching until a second notice.
At all times, the school directorate has accompanied the students and teachers who presented problems at the Health Center premises.
Children presenting health problems were treated with serums at the Gjegjan Health Center, a total of 7 cases out of which 2 cases were transported to the Puka hospital for specialized treatment, currently their condition is stabilized. Around 1200 in the school premises, a group of DFS representatives met, who took samples in certain areas of the school's interior and were concluding on the possible causes that caused the children's health problems.
The situation is being monitored with priority step by step, and in constant contact with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth.


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